“We were blown away by the incredible MOONS SYMPHONY,

presented by Amanda Lee Falkenberg during EPSC - DPS "

 EPSC - DPS European Planetary Science Congress - GENEVA 2019

“THE MOONS SYMPHONY exists at the intersection of art and science, delivering an aural tour of some of the most amazing moons in our solar system. Beautifully crafted and a joy to hear.”


Ed Bell  (Former Scientific American Art Director)

"In my opinion, THE MOONS SYMPHONY is a beautiful way to express the incredible science returned by missions like Cassini in music and to share that with the public. I found it very moving and inspirational!”


Dr. Linda Spilker - Lead Scientist on NASA’s Cassini Mission

"This is an exceptional opportunity to discover worlds beyond our reach through the medium of music. The visuals and sound promise to be spectacular and Amanda was able to show us what the project could deliver.

The concept is original, engaging and exciting and has potential to be an educational groundbreaker."

Mr Chris Vizzard Head Teacher DESC

“Your symphony is absolutely Beautiful!!! 


Michael Carroll - International Award winning Space Artist and Author

"I am overwhelmed with your work. Oh my! 

What beauty you are gifting our needed world and cosmos"


Danielle Green PHD Author of A Magnificent Obsession

"I am overwhelmed with your work. Oh my! 

What beauty you are gifting our needed world and cosmos"


Danielle Green PHD Author of A Magnificent Obsession

"I just watched the video, which I found amazing! I absolutely love the music! It really conveys the 

scale and sense of wonder and mystery that shrouds Titan."


Ron Miller - Award Wining Space Artist

"Warmest congratulations on this major accomplishment! I watched the video just now, and really love it.

The music, lyrics and artistic illustrations are all excellent! It’s really a masterpiece."


Xianzhe Jia / Associate Professor / College of Engineering, University of Michigan

“Oh my goodness. Both fabulous. Goosebumps - especially the orchestral and choral material in Miranda.

This is truly a mammoth and amazing project you are achieving

and the visuals and narration are also breathtaking.”


Graeme TYLER - Australian International School Hong Kong Head of Performing Arts

 "TITAN is a fabulous piece. Congratulations.

I deliberately listened without watching the video the first time and it works beautifully.

Watching with the video one can see how amazing it will be in a concert setting.

Well done. Exciting times!"


Jeff Jarrett - Producer of  The London Symphony & Royal Philharmonic Orchestras

"Amanda, Oh my! Epic and spectacular!"


Dr Robert Pappalardo - Lead Scientist for Europa Clipper 2022 

“THE MOONS SYMPHONY is out of this world! 

Brilliant, amazing and fabulous. I absolutely, absolutely, love it !”


Rasha Al Mubarak Samhoun

“I listened to your symphony again and it is definitely an OMG moment…

You are on an incredible road. Your music is inspired by your pure soul.”


Stuart Sharp Author of “The Gift” and composer of “The Angeli Symphony”

I thoroughly enjoyed "Miranda" movement from The Moons Symphony at the American Astronomical #233 event. Hooray for contemporary female composers and science/art/music synesthesia!

Dr Jennifer L. Hoffman - Associate Professor University fo Denver

“I’ve just spent a euphoric five minutes listening to your latest masterpiece, 7th movement of 

THE MOONS SYMPHONY.​ Absolutely beautiful and very emotional.”

- Allan Wilson UK Conductor (The Philharmonia Orchestra) -