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"THE MOONS SYMPHONY®…is one of the most extraordinary achievements in space-inspired music, and perhaps the first to be accomplished in direct collaboration with astronomers and scientists."


"The Beauty of Space Art” Springer Nature - Authors Jon Ramer and Ron Miller


Amanda Lee Falkenberg is an International award-winning composer and pianist, who was accompanist with the Australia Ballet Company and producer a her three-part CD Series Moving With Music for dance studios. Falkenberg has composed for feature films, ballet, TV, animation series and documentaries.


In 2017, she conducted the world premiere of her Sea Trilogy with the London Film Orchestra and also completed her concerto for piano and orchestra, CROSSING of the CRESCENT MOON. She then embarked on her most ambitious project to date, THE MOONS SYMPHONY® — a large scale work for orchestra and choir that was four years in the making.The libretto is anchored in scientific accuracy and required extensive research after drawing inspiration from planetary scientists successful space missions, their Spacecrafts and probes DATA to amplify the story of each moon. 


THE MOONS SYMPHONY® merges the worlds of art & science and in seven movements, explores moons of our outer solar system while celebrating past, present, and future missions after consulting with some of the world greatest scientists from NASA, ESA and astronauts from the International Space Station. 


In December 2018, the 7th movement of THE MOONS SYMPHONY® accompanied the 50th anniversary Apollo 8 tribute Video at the IMAX theatre at the Kennedy Space Centre.


THE MOONS SYMPHONY’s ultimate mission is to ignite a planetary campaign promoting the awe and wonder of Space to empower and inspire humanity into positive action as we contemplate our place in the universe.


In May 2022, both CROSSING of the CRESCENT MOON and THE MOONS SYMPHONY® will be recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra with Maestra Marin Alsop conducting and Ben Parry leading the London Voices to record the chorus at Abbey Road Studios.


In October 2021, the MBRSC (Mohammad Bin Rashid Space Centre) and the Australia Pavilion co-hosted MOONS SYMPHONY SOIREE to coincide with the Dubai World Expo SPACE WEEK, where Falkenberg shared the scientific inspiration behind the symphony.


The next month Falkenberg was invited to Glasgow to participate and present THE MOONS SYMPHONY at COP26, where she shared the stage with retired NASA astronaut Nicole Stott and author of "Back to Earth". 


Falkenberg has presented at many leading institutions, including NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech and the Planetary Conference EPSC in Geneva, 2019, American Astronomical Society (2019). and TEDx Youth 2018 and was a guest on the Planetary Society Radio Show in January 2021.


"I hope you will agree that it is one of the finest and most inspiring segments 

in the history of Planetary Radio"


Mat Kaplan - Planetary Radio Host - January 13th 2021