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Choir and Organ


“This is a real one-off…it succeeds because [Falkenberg’s] a very experienced composer of film music, and the extraordinary quality of the performance” 

Limelight Article
- Megan Stellar

“Once in a while, a new composition comes along and knock you right off your feet - the emotion, the breadth, the message gets its hooks in you and holds on.”

Harmonious Podcast

“THE MOONS SYMPHONY is one of my favorite classical albums and it is simply stunning…”

BBC Music Magazine

“This ambitious project is brought to life by a sizzling LSO and a gutsy London Voices…This is musical painting on an infectiously grand scale”

All Music


"This is music designed to grab the listener’s attention. It also happens to be right up the alley of conductor Marin Alsop, leading the London Symphony Orchestra and the London Voices; she builds a solid structure and keeps it moving along effectively”

Fine Music Radio Inc. 

“Sincere warm congratulations on a spectacular, mesmerizing composition!”



“Falkenberg’s passionate and creative adaptation of the film music genre is firmly embraced by the committed artistry of the London Symphony under Marin Alsop and the warm cohesion and crystalline diction of the London Voices directed by Ben Parry…The Moons Symphony offers a precious and timely perspective on our own fragile planet that we would do well to heed”


“This is a captivating work, an exciting and emotional journey in tonal language, in which the composer aspires to make her music serves as a reflection on who we are and where we are, so that we are aware of the beauty of our planet and the majesty of the moons of our solar system…Alsop is impeccable because of the naturalness with which she extracts all the melodic weight of this work, which lives with the stars”

Music Files Ltd

For her "Moons Symphony", Australian-born composer Amanda Lee Falkenberg has picked seven of the most interesting moons in the Solar System to depict musically. A similar idea to Holst's Planet Suite, but Falkenberg goes for an emotional reaction to each moon's unique science, rather than the Astrological character of Holst's approach. We get a glimpse of some widely varied geology and unimaginable chemistry, culminating in the inspiring yet relatively homely Earthrise from our own Moon. … The result is a wonderfully evocative work that could equally grace concert halls or film scores


"Marin Alsop secures excellent playing from the London Symphony Orchestra” 

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