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Marin reflects on The Moons Symphony Experience

St Luke's and Abbey Road Studios 2022

Mission Control

0097 colour preview - Birds EYE view Concerto 2 TMS 21 May 2022.jpg


London Symphony

STUDIO 1 from balcony.png

London Voices

Abbey Road Studios

Ben Parry - Abbey Road Studios.jpeg

Ben Parry

Choral Director

Paul Myer Hopkins Abbey Road.jpeg

Paul Myer Hopkins

May -2022

0094 colour preview -  Marin _Outer Worldy Trance_ TMS 21 May 2022.jpg

Marin Alsop


Leo Jemison.jpeg

Leo Jemison

Treble Soloist

Signum Classics.png

Album Release

October 7, 2022

0643 colour medium size for web (sRGB) - TMS 4 June 2022.jpg

Nicole Stott

NASA Astronaut

VIP NASA JPL scientsts .png

Planetary Scientists


DAN - Studio 1.png

Daniel Koek

Tenor Soloist

ALF and Cape.jpeg

Amanda Lee Falkenberg

May -2022

0903 colour medium size for web (sRGB) - TMS 4 June 2022.jpg

Chris Bake

Executive Producer

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