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ABOUT ~ Falling Walls Global Call

As part of the Falling Walls Global Call and in search of the Falling Walls Science Breakthroughs of the Year 2024, we invited leading actors in science and academia worldwide to nominate the latest breakthroughs and outstanding science projects in 9 different categories, Art & Science being one of them.

Our distinguished jury for Art & Science, chaired by Juliet Koss, will select 10 excellent winners in this category and award one of them with the prestigious title Science Breakthrough of the Year, Art & Science.

Falling Walls seeks artists whose work is inspired and influenced by science across a wide range of subjects (from the humanities to life sciences, technology and more), which sheds light on societal issues, natural phenomena or simply the wonder of scientific discoveries, and which highlights the unique relationship between these apparently opposite but often highly complementary disciplines.

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