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THE MOONS SYMPHONY Recording in Pictures

London Symphony Orchestra -  St Luke's 21-22 May London 2022

London Voices - Studio One - Abbey Road Studios 4 June London 2022

IMG_0165 2.HEIC

Image Credit: Ben Ealovega

0094 colour preview - TMS 21 May 2022.jpg
0127 colour preview - TMS 21 May 2022.jpg
London Voices Piano Reflection.jpeg
ALF & cape STUDIO ONE.jpeg
Choir Cheer - STUDIO .jpeg
DAN - Studio 1.png
Ben Parry and ALF - STUDIO ONE ARS.jpeg
Balcony Photos - TMS tech crew STUDIO ONE .jpeg
Ben & ALF embrace STUDIO ONE.jpeg
STUDIO 1 from balcony.png
Leo Jemison.jpeg
Marin and Amanda's Score on Piano STUDIO ONE.jpeg
Marin and ALF Interview with Mat Kaplan.jpg
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