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Learning Under New Artistic Regimes 

Concept by Amanda Lee Falkenberg

Enrichment Programs


"Watching the London Symphony Orchestra put together the music, it just looked like a research project: all the attention to detail coming together for a wonderful whole at the end of the day.”


Professor Mark Sephton - Imperial College of London

“I didn’t even know some of these moons existed or their properties, or their atmospheres and their terrain, and finding out about these things and being exposed also during the process to these incredible minds, these scientists, astronauts, has been really a revelation”   


Marin Alsop - Interview , St Lukes May 21, 2022


L U N A R  

Learning Under New Artistic Regimes


The billions of worlds that grace our skies, shimmering specks of light that form our vast cosmic shores

provide plenty of New worlds to Explore. The Moons Symphony focuses on just seven of those

tiny specs of light as a gateway to discover fascinating stories from these dynamic worlds.


This new seven-movement work for orchestra and choir explores the scientific data collected from space probes for the first six moons while the seventh moon explores the emotional data through the hearts of astronauts after seeing the beauty and fragility of our planet from space.


Introducing L U N A R


LUNAR is an innovative enrichment program that draws upon the science that influenced

The Moons Symphony.


It presents the concepts in an interdisciplinary educational format that explores

art, astronomy, astronauts, and science and artistically anchors their scientific stories through music.


Melodic identification crafted for each moon sonically imprints its distinct properties, terrains, and characteristics grounding scientific concepts, while the music becomes a unique type of rocket fuel transporting us to their worlds to invigorate souls and captivate curious minds.


The moons libretto took scientific inspiration through years consulting with world-leading planetary scientists from NASA, ESA, and astronauts and features a dynamic blend of 

music and stunning International award-winning space art.


“It is the Golden Age of Moon Exploration”


Dr Linda Spilker NASA/JPL 


LUNAR encourages minds and imaginations to soar through this fascinating space program.

An adventure that transports us to the outer solar system to experience the awe, wonder and

majesty of our cosmos, unlocking its secrets while inspiring the next generation of space explorers. 


Amanda Lee Falkenberg | LUNAR inventor and composer - The Moons Symphony




Planetary Society TMS - Opening 6.jpg

Imperial hosts live celebration of symphony inspired by our solar system's moons

Click on Image to read article by Alex Dadswell 23 June 2022

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