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Book your front row seats to the outer solar system for an

immersive science -FACT Space adventures 

“Amanda knows every inch of the map of the piece and her 
motivation for putting every note on the page, as well as the text.”

Marin Alsop - Conductor

AmandaOutside Imperial College 2.JPG

Imperial College London

Dec 13, 2022

Imperial Lates -

Heads Up

Public Outreach

Planetary Society Voyager 1, 1979.jpg

Radio Host - Mat Kaplan

Amanda Lee Falkenberg & 
Dr Linda Spilker 

The Planetary Society

Live in London

Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 9.18_edited.jpg

Astronaut Nicole Stott &
Amanda Lee Falkenberg

November 2021

COP 26  Glasgow

UN Climate Change Conference

Inspirational Speech on Creativity

Performing Arts Gala


Dubai English Speaking School

ALF Imperial College Stage KS3 Matinee event.png

Imperial College London

Dec 2, 2022 - The Great Hall

LUNAR Launch - Matinee

STEAM Outreach 

TED EX - AMANDA and TED sign_edited.jpg

Composing to tell the secrets of the moons

American School of Dubai 2018

TED X Youth Conference

Gala Dinner

Jupiter room 2 Amanda on Stage.jpg

Euro Planetary Science Congress

September 2019

EPSC- Geneva

Aural Presentation - Jupiter Room

NASA JPL - cropped.png

Cassini Scientists Meeting

Los Angeles 2018


Von Karman Auditorium

LUNAR Launch Evening_edited.jpg

Imperial College London

Dec 2, 2022 - The Great Hall

LUNAR Launch - Evening

STEAM Outreach

Dubai World Expo - Jocham and ALF.png


Oct 2021, Dubai UAE

Australian Pavilion

Dubai World Expo

AAS - Amanda Seattle 2019_edited_edited.jpg

AAS - American Astronomical Society

Jan 2019- Seattle

American Astronomical Society

Cinematic Astronomy Evening

Synergistic meeting JUICE and Europa Clipper Scientists



Beckman Auditorium

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