"Amanda is a perfectionist and has a very rare special musical imagination...she has a true talent for FILM SCORES and we loved collaborating with her. 


Her personality is exciting, thrilling and forward going, all these qualities come through her compositions!""

- Rosi Dusheva -


Australian born composer Amanda Lee Falkenberg began her journey into composition through hours spent in ballet studios as an accompanist, including pianist with the Australian Ballet company in 2000. She wrote over 120 compositions to accompany ballet dancers as they trained, which led to the production of her Moving With Music CD series.


In 2003 her orchestral ballet Edge of the World was performed at the International Barossa Music Festival with the prestigious Leigh Warren and Dancers and received glowing reviews from the national press.

Inspired by visual imagery, Falkenberg's natural progression led her to write for film and TV, stage plays, documentaries, and feature films including the orchestral soundtrack to the screen adaption of Wilfred Thesigers Arabian Sands, and an animation series Ben and Izzy featuring the voice talents of Lucy Lui and Mark Hamill.

In 2017, her orchestral suite Sea Trilogy received its world premiere at the London Film Music Orchestra Gala Concert with herself conducting. In that same year, she completed her concerto for piano and orchestra entitled

Crossing of the Crescent Moon.

Falkenberg then began work on THE MOONS SYMPHONY®, which is a seven-movement celebration of past, present, and future missions to moons of our outer solar system, including a unique perspective of our home planet for the final movement.

Conducting - CLose up  For BBC radio.jpg

Amanda Lee Falkenberg conducting the Sea Trilogy with the London film orchestra 2017. 

Together with the joint efforts of the brilliant minds of NASA scientists and astronauts' enlightened experiences, THE MOONS SYMPHONY® aims to ignite a planetary campaign of awe and wonder that empowers and inspires humanity into positive action as we contemplate our place in the universe.

While creating THE MOONS SYMPHONY®, Falkenberg presented at many leading institutions, including NASA/JPL, Caltech, and the Planetary Conference EPSC in Geneva, 2019. She has consulted with several leading Planetary Scientists from NASA, APL, and UMich and incorporated visual elements from Award-winning space artists.


In 2021, THE MOONS SYMPHONY® will collaborate with some of the world's leading musicians with a recording by the London Symphony Orchestra with Maestra Marin Alsop conducting.


Falkenberg has received many nominations and has won multiple international contests including, The Great American Song Contest, Marvin Hamlisch emerging film composer contest in New York, The International Composition Competition in Italy, Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA), and the Los Angeles Music Awards.