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 LUNAR - Explorations

LUNAR - Learning Under New Artistic Regimes 

(Exploring moons, science and music through a Symphony)

Do you want to explore the wonders of our universe through the power of music? Do you want to discover the beauty of moons, science, and music, and how they are all intertwined? Or do you simply want to learn more about our universe through an exciting and creative course? 


Then, LUNAR – Learning Under New Artistic Regimes is for you! This course is an exciting exploration of moons, science, and music, all through the power of a symphony. 





Learn about how the celestial bodies in our universe influence music theory, composition, and orchestration, and how these aspects of music can offer insight into fascinating moons of our solar system. 


As you delve into scintillating science stories for each moon, you will be transported through the awe and wonder of each of their worlds. 

The distinct sonic flavor for each moon, adds a powerful narrative to help graft the scientific elements transforming your LUNAR explorations into an immersive dynamic, and mesmerizing experience.

LUNAR offers you an opportunity to explore the various realms of music, science, and our cosmos in a creative and engaging way. 


Whether you are an astronomy enthusiast, a music lover, or just curious, if you are looking for a unique and inspiring way to learn more about our universe, this course is perfect for you.

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