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LUNAR buzz

In London May 2022 

The moon symphony (2)-01.png
Planetary Radio Live in London
Special Message - Bill Nye 

Imperial College Monday May 23, 2022
Tim Peake Montage.JPEG
Amanda Lee Falkenberg presenting at the AIM HIGHER Gala
Meeting Tim Peake (1st UK Astronaut)

Gala - Science Museum May 3, 2022
Charlie Duke Montage with ALF.JPEG
Charlie Duke (Apollo 16 Astronaut) & Amanda Lee Falkenberg
50th Anniversary of Apollo 16

Gala - Science Museum May 3, 2022
GALA and Moons.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 7.01.15 AM.png
Robert Bound and Amanda Lee Falkenberg Monocle 
Promotion - Planetary Radio LIVE in London
Space Foundation.png
COO Shelli Brunswick and Amanda Lee Falkenberg - SPACE FOUNDATION Podcast Series
4 part Podcast - THE INTERSECTION of ART and SCIENCE
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