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LUNAR Learning Under New Artistic Regimes 

A ground-breaking educational series that explores moons of our 

outer solar system to educate, enthrall and inspire

Planetary Space Crew and Cast


“THE MOONS SYMPHONY… reaches out across disciplines and it’s a piece we could use in educating kids, we can go out to schools, we can speak to scientists and build it out as a complete project for orchestras.”


Marin Alsop - Conductor of THE MOONS SYMPHONY

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“While examples of space-inspired art music goes back to at least Gustav HOLST The Planets…

Amanda Lee Falkenberg’s THE MOONS SYMPHONY is one of the most extraordinary achievements in space-inspired music, and perhaps the first to be accomplished in direct collaboration with astronomers and scientists”


The Beauty of Space Art - Springer 

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PR Logos - THE MOONS SYMPHONY® copy_edited.png


L U N A R Mission

LUNAR is set to position itself as the new gold standard for excellence for STEAM education. Through the cross-pollination of SPACE, SCIENCE and ARTS, content has been designed to deliver memorable and long lasting impressions on the maturing minds of students.


L U N A R has been curated for maximum impact to help metabolize concepts in meaningful ways, to inspire and uplift during their educational SPACE journeys.  


By offering a dynamic musical canvas to communicate fascinating space stories, our desire is to evoke awe and wonder, to ignite curiosity, to sustain and stimulate imaginations of  the next generation of space explorers.


Based on Science fact, L U N A R explores events and studies scenes taking place in our solar system right now. With a dynamic blend of science, music and space, this is truly the educational new frontier.

Written by Amanda Lee Falkenberg 

(Composer of THE MOONS SYMPHONY, Author of L U N A R )


Scientists, Author, and Composer will gather at the GREAT HALL to demonstrate the symbiotic relationship with the world of space, science, music and art


Helen  Sharman OBE

First British Astronaut

Imperial College

David W_edited.png

David W. Brown


The New Yorker & Scientific America

Dr Ashley Davies - EUROPA CLIPPER MISSION Scientist_edited_edited.png

Dr Ashley Davies



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Amanda Lee Falkenberg

Creator of L U N A R & composer of


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Prof Michele Dougherty

Head of Department of Physics

Imperial College

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Professer Mark Sephton

Department of Earth Science

Imperial College

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