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New Worlds to Explore

"Most Promising Modern Orchestral Symphony Production 2020"


Media Innovator Awards - corporate vision

“I hope that the listener to this piece can feel not just the power and the majesty

of the music but also the incredible science behind the piece…we know such a small

amount about our universe and this symphony starts to shed light on that fact”  


Marin Alsop - Interview with Knights Classical, St Lukes May 21, 2022



Marin Alsop | London Symphony Orchestra 2022 - THE MOONS SYMPHONY (no-choir)

Keneddy Space Centre - Constellation Cre

"Awe and wonder.

Two words that come to mind when I think about the spaceflight perspective. These two words immediately came to mind when I first, and every time, I listened to the music of The MOONS.

A powerful composition that will transport you through

space and bring you back to Earth!"

ISS Astronaut Nicole Stott 

The Planetary Society Radio

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"I hope you will agree that it is one of the finest and most inspiring segments in the history of Planetary Radio"

Mat Kaplan - Planetary Radio Host - January 13th 2021

"Through the power of music, I wanted to create an inspiring work of art that 

resonated with as many people as possible on the planet, but also deliver 

a hopeful and uplifting message that is relevant to the plight of our world today.”


By combining artistic disciplines to produce works of great magnitude, 

THE MOONS SYMPHONY® is a result of collaborations with some of the 

greatest scientific minds from lead space missions from 

NASA, ESA, and world-class Space artists.


This production offers a unique visual and musical experience that 

celebrates the mergence of music and science to 

dramatize past, present and future moon explorations and provides a 

new perspective of our OWN planet Earth"



Creator and Composer of THE MOONS SYMPHONY®

"Working with and combining the enlightened experiences of astronauts with a musical tour and celebration of our galaxy,

we hope to recognize and celebrate EARTHRISE around the world, beginning with a WORLD premiere of,


with its planetary message to fill concert halls, outdoor stadiums and planetariums all across the World"

Beauty of Space - review_edited.png



The story with video and lyrics featuring the world-class space artists Ron Miller and 3D animation artist, Ed Bell.

"Celestial Tug of War"

"Is there an Ocean?"

"Equatorial Dunes & Methane Monsoons"

"Gigantic Geysers"

"Monolithic Cliff"


"Magnetic Forces and Colossal Discoveries"

"Earthrise - The Overview "

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NASA ISS Astronaut Nicole Stott - Abbey Road Studios June 4, 2022