"Most Promising Modern Orchestral Symphony Production 2020"


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New Worlds to Explore

For Orchestra and Choir ​

Keneddy Space Centre - Constellation Cre

"Awe and wonder.

Two words that come to mind when I think about the spaceflight perspective. These two words immediately came to mind when I first, and every time, I listened to the music of The MOONS.

A powerful composition that will transport you through

space and bring you back to Earth!"

ISS Astronaut Nicole Stott 

"Through the power of music, I wanted to create an inspiring work of art that 

resonated with as many people as possible on the planet, but also deliver 

a hopeful and uplifting message that is relevant to the plight of our world today.”


By combining artistic disciplines to produce works of great magnitude, 

THE MOONS SYMPHONY® is a result of collaborations with some of the 

greatest scientific minds from lead space missions from 

NASA, ESA, and world-class Space artists.


This production offers a unique visual and musical experience that 

celebrates the mergence of music and science to 

dramatize past, present and future moon explorations and provides a 

new perspective of our OWN planet Earth"



Creator and Composer of THE MOONS SYMPHONY®



Creator and Composer of THE MOONS SYMPHONY®



"Working with and combining the enlightened experiences of astronauts with a musical tour and celebration of our galaxy,

we hope to recognize and celebrate



around the world, beginning with a WORLD premiere in London of,



The story with video and lyrics featuring the world-class space artists Ron Miller and 3D animation artist, Ed Bell.

"Celestial Tug of War"

"Is there an Ocean?"

"Equatorial Dunes & Methane Monsoons"

"Gigantic Geysers"

"Monolithic Cliff"


"Magnetic Forces and Colossal Discoveries"

"Earthrise - The Overview "