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New Worlds to Explore

THE MOONS SYMPHONY presents an unparalleled fusion of visuals and music, celebrating the convergence of music and science to vividly portray past, present, and future lunar explorations. It offers a fresh perspective on our very own planet Earth.

Incorporating the enriched perspectives of astronauts into a musical voyage through our galaxy, our aspiration is to globally acknowledge and celebrate the iconic phenomenon of EARTHRISE.


This journey commences with the worldwide premiere of THE MOONS SYMPHONY, coupled with its planetary message, destined to grace concert halls, open-air arenas, and planetariums across the globe.



Composer and Creator of THE MOONS SYMPHONY

This is a real one-off. A fully choral symphony depicting seven moons of our solar system... It succeeds because of (Falkenberg's) skills as a very experienced composer of film music and the extraordinary quality of the performance...

Choir and Organ

The thematic elements have a very important part in the structure of the work, and they materialize with timbral beauty and a powerful and coherent expressiveness...

This is a captivating work, an exciting and emotional journey in tonal language, in which the author aspires to make her music serves as a reflection on who we are and where we are..


This ambitious project is brought to life by a sizzling LSO and a gutsy London Voices…This is musical painting on an infectiously grand scale

BBC Music Magazine


This is music designed to grab the listener’s attention. It also happens to be right up the alley of conductor Marin Alsop, leading the London Symphony Orchestra and the London Voices; she builds a solid structure and keeps it moving along effectively

All Music


Falkenberg’s passionate and creative adaptation of the film music genre is firmly embraced by the committed artistry of the London Symphony under Marin Alsop and the warm cohesion and crystalline diction of the London Voices…The Moons Symphony offers a precious and timely perspective on our own fragile planet that we would do well to heed


“Your text must be coherent and have a clear message. That’s what struck me first about Amanda’s writing – she is a very experienced composer and knows how to set words and construct the vocal lines.”

Ben Parry

- Director London Voices

Once in a while, a new composition comes along and knock you right off your feet - the emotion, the breadth, the message gets its hooks in you and holds on.”

Limelight Feature 

Megan Stellar 

The Moons Symphony immediately invites comparison with Holst's Planets, but it is a different beast: a choral work depicting seven moons with a wide range of behaviours right here in our solar system…“The MOONS SYMPHONY is a wonderfully evocative work that could equally grace concert halls or film scores

Music Files Ltd.

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Marin's experience and 


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Marin Alsop experience conducting THE MOONS SYMPHONY

London St Lukes May 20

Bill Nye's introduction for


Live-in-London Radio Broadcast

“Whatever you take away from it is valid—it can be small, it can be a big idea, it can be an awareness that you didn’t have. I just hope people will feel changed by the experience…

And maybe that’s why the project is so successful. 

It’s about the greater message and trying to get that across.”

 Marin Alsop - Conductor of THE MOONS SYMPHONY 



NASA ISS Astronaut Nicole Stott - Abbey Road Studios June 4, 2022

Keneddy Space Centre - Constellation Cre
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