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LUNAR Immersive Lecture

A multi-faceted immersive experience for students to experience 

the wonders of fascinating worlds of our solar system  

Book your front row seats to the outer solar system to enjoy the immersive

science -fact Space adventures through a symphonic space-flight  

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Marin Alsop


“Whatever you take away from it is valid—it can be small, it can be a big idea, it can be an awareness that you didn’t have. I just hope people will feel changed by the experience…And maybe that’s why the project is so successful.

It’s about the greater message and trying to get that across.”


- Marin Alsop, Conductor of THE MOONS SYMPHONY

“Amanda is drawing inspiration from research. I admire her meticulous approach to understanding the science.” [THE MOONS SYMPHONY] It’s Promethean…it’s forward looking.

I can see it being performed in fifty years; it’s a proper melding of science and art.” 

​- Ashley Davies, a Principal Scientist NASA | JPL

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