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Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Monday explores a monolithic site on Miranda, her majestic cliff, the tallest in the solar system. Miranda’s famous VERONA RUPES.

Verona Rupes "The Great Wall of Miranda" Credit: Ron Miller

Theories of catastrophic events from Miranda’s primordial past are a result from her orbital positioning. This seals her cosmic cruel fate and is forever kept captive and under minacious eye of ruling parent planet Uranus, towering above.


Primordial times that played out

Nature’s cruel crimes

Skies bleeding rocks like rain Miranda!

Chaos ruled this domain

While Miranda’s devastation and destruction from her primordial past has left her, (quote Libretto…)

“burnt, beaten thrashed and scolded”

…Her violent history has birthed a geological feature that claims fame to Miranda’s world and is what the next musical excerpt is centered around.

The video below discuses Miranda’s outstanding feature. This video was part of a special presentation I gave for the American Astronomical Society conference in Seattle in 2018 for a night celebrating cinematic music for which I showcased the 5th movement, Miranda.

Below is a special video Presentation from January 2019 for the AAS (American Astronomical Society)

As the video will explain, Miranda’s brutal epochs have claimed one majestic monument to her name; her spectacular giant ice cliff that shimmers in ominous blue light from Uranus towering above. This monolithic site stands at a staggering 20km high.



Torn, thrown apart but

Then merged an epic cliff site

Bathed in blue light

And grew to skies to claw with

Staggering height, shone in pale blue light

The next musical excerpt increases in intensity. We step back in time to examine scenes from Miranda's former life and just for a brief moment, step aside the tortures of her ancient past to marvel at Miranda’s monumental, monolithic sight.

Excerpt MIRANDA “Primordial times”

Dur: 1 min

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