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APOLLO Inspiration

“We came all this way to discover the moon, and the most important thing is,

we discovered the Earth”


William Anders Apollo 8 Astronaut

Constellation Gala Amanda and Astronauts



Continuing the collaborative spirit and applying the research from the worlds leading specialists into each moon, the final movement dedicated to Earth-Moon, required consultations with astronauts and drew upon their emotional accounts of seeing the magnificence of Earth hanging vulnerably in the infinity of space to help amplify the message that lies at the heart of THE MOONS SYMPHONY which is presented in the form of a planetary anthem for our home Earth.


All astronauts and cosmonauts who experience Earths “absolutely breathtaking beauty” are changed forever and this transformational impact has been coined by Harvard graduated and author Frank White as “The Overview Effect”. And while immersed in the serenity of space, what astronauts also describe in that silent of surprise, is the realization of Earths fragility knowing that its biospheric thin blue halo is all that stands between its inhabitants and the hostility of deep eternal space.


Having just explored six of the most intriguing moons of our solar system and seen first hand the unforgiving and violent edges of our celestial neighborhood, the 7th movement offers a chance to contemplate the miracle of life that has graced our fragile Earth and invites one to gaze at its incontestable beauty and magnificence from our own lunar perspective, a unique perspective, a privileged experience usually reserved for a few brave astronauts.


And indeed in 1968, when humanity first saw its glimpse of the Earth rising from the famous photograph of the Apollo 8 spacecraft, peoples relationship with the world changed forever.


Earth, a place that reminds us of everything we hold dear, a planetary archive of humanities greatest achievements and an inspirational playground offering immense and bountiful beauty. This is our glorious Earth and our precious home.


So as we depart this lunar odyssey together, it is a united vision held within the vibrations of awe, gratitude, and love for planet Earth that becomes the human experience of THE MOONS SYMPHONY and 7th movement invites us all to embrace this profound concept while remaining proud terranauts on this spaceship we call Earth.




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