Discovery Series

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Io - Act I

Io - Act I

"Celestial Tug of War"

Europa - Act II

Europa - Act II

"Is there an Ocean?"

Ganymede - Act III

Ganymede - Act III

“Magnetic Forces and Colossal Discoveries”

Earth Moon - Act IV

Earth Moon - Act IV

“Earthrise The Overview”

Io - "Celestial Tug of War" 1st Movement

Io is the most volcanically active world in our Solar System. During your L U N A R experiences, you will learn what drives all the dynamic processes at this moon of Jupiter. And just like the launch of a rocket, your symphonic and science outer solar system space adventures will also begin with a BLAST!

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Europa - "Is there an Ocean" 2nd Movement

From fire to Ice. Moon Europa is hiding a huge secret. Under its ice shell lies a global sub-surface ocean two and a half times the size of Earth's oceans combined. You will learn why NASA is sending a spacecraft called the Europa Clipper to investigate Europa's icy shores through your L U N A R space adventures.

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Ganymede - “Magnetic Forces and Colossal Discoveries” 6th Movement

Ganymede is the largest moon in our solar system and the only known moon with an intrinsic magnetic field. Ganymede is embedded in Jupiter's enormous magnetospheric environment and interacts with its plasma. Through your LUNAR discovery program, you will learn even more about this fascinating world, including an astronomer who "shocks the world" with his colossal findings. 

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Earth Moon - “Earthrise The Overview” 7th Movement

After exploring the moon Ganymede, our symphonic space flight turns its trajectory towards Earth. However, we have one more stop before our solar system explorations end. We plan the timing of your visit to the 7th moon, Earth moon, just in time to experience Earthrise. And as you will learn through your

L U N A R program, learning brings a discovery of a different kind.