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Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Friday there is another funeral at the Saturnian system. The Cassini Spacecraft is running out of fuel and using the words of Cassini Project Manager Earl Maize,

“Cassini bows and the curtain closes”

15 September, 2017

Cassini’s family back on planet Earth prepare for the bitter sweet moment when their Spacecraft will no longer return science, communications will cease and Cassini will crash into the cosmic shores of Saturn.

In order to protect the precious moons of Saturn, and as part of The Planetary Protection Act, Cassini made Saturn its final resting place.

As a tribute to Cassini’s funeral at Saturn a special video has been produced using NASA footage and music from the 4th movement, Enceladus, as a THANK YOU to this incredible spacecraft and the story it uncovered on this world.

IV Movement - Final passage of Music from Enceladus

NASA: Public Domain Footage Vimeo

We conclude our time exploring Moon Enceladus and the spacecraft that returned the breathtaking science with three inspirational leaders who helped oversee the success of this mission captured in these three compelling interviews below.

“I think Cassini’s legacy is that now we have found worlds with liquid oceans underneath icy crusts, and that these ocean worlds exists in the outer solar system”

Linda Spilker - Cassini Project Scientist

“One of the most fascinating places in the solar system.. and rewritten the book on Saturn.”

Earl Maize - Cassini Project Manager

“We did not want (our spacecraft) to hit Titan, we did not want to hit Enceladus. We knew we were going to go into Saturn."

Julie Webster - Cassini Spacecraft Operations Manager

September 15th, 2017 is the day Cassini plunged into Saturns atmosphere, becoming, a fiery funeral. A farewell so fantastic that it received an Emmy for Outstanding Original Interactive Program Sept. 8, 2018

Members of the JPL Media Relations and Public Engagement offices, and leaders of the Cassini Mission -Microsoft Theater 2018

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