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Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Thursday is thanks day to the IAAA. I am thrilled to share a video from artists who have contributed dynamic art to celebrate the spectacular story of moon Enceladus!

"Enceladus through the Tunnel" animation by Ed Bell - former art director of Scientific American Magazine

In support of the professional recording of the Moons Symphony with the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by world-renowned Maestra Marin Alsop in mid May 2022, IAAA 7 Moon Art videos are being released over 7 weeks.

IAAA Moon Art videos thread together the stories of astronomical art history, shows science as the basis of astronomical art, gives personal perspectives on how 'the Moons Symphony' inspired some of our artist's work, and holds several of our longest standing and esteemed astronomical artists in the same show as several of our newest members from around the world.

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank all the artists who have contributed both legacy and new art work for this MOONS ART initiative and give a round of applause to the colossal efforts of Susan Bibbs, who is spearheading this huge undertaking as curator of these videos.

"Enceladus at Nightl" animation by Ed Bell - former director of Scientific American Magazine

Grab a cup of tea and click on the image below to see the moon of Enceladus, bought to life through Art, music and cosmic song!

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