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𝙳𝚊𝚢 6 🌙 EARTH 🌎 MOON

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Thursday, we follow in the tradition of THE MOONS SYMPHONY blog series over the last seven weeks exploring the layers of inspiration that fueled the music of THE MOONS SYMPHONY.

Today we acknowledge and thank the incredible IAAA (International Association of Astronomical Art) organization for this fantastic video of EARTH MOON art for this SYMPHONY’s music has inspired. Click on Link below to view.

Discovering Earth - Lucy West (IAAA Artists)

One of the most satisfying experiences is seeing inspiration show up in the medium of ART. Indeed, that is what you will experience with the exceptional time and talents of members from this incredible SAPCE organization, IAAA.

This 7th movement story is about that overwhelming feeling breath-taking experience of seeing our glorious planet united and whole, that breath-taking overwhelming feeling which promotes perspective shift.

One could not possibly imagine that feeling astronauts experience having left Earth's orbit and seeing the magnificent SPACESHIP earth from that view from space.

So, for Earthlings, especially the artists among us roaming Planet Earth, we naturally like to find a way to express those emotions and transfer those feelings through our various artist mediums to try and communicate that experience with others.

And that is the spirit and essence of these magnificent MOON ART videos that THE MOONS SYMPHONY is so honored to be part of this art initiative.

A heartfelt to Susan Bibbs, who has curated these spectacular MOONS inspired videos that celebrate both new and legacy art from members of the IAAA.

More MOON inspired art will be coming through in the next few months, so I will enjoy sharing the magnificent talents of this SPACE ARTS organization in due course through the portal of THE MOONS SYMPHONY.

Beautiful Blue Marble Series - Chris Calle (IAAA Artist)

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