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Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Wednesday, we let our minds wander, and imaginations roam and welcome the new Hollywood of the outer solar system.

I have just come from a Gala event at the Science Museum in London. An evening celebrating the Apollo legacy and Astro stars that shine in the space sector. So it seems perfectly fitting that today's blog draws upon similar themes to tell this next story.

"Enceladus' stardom awaits."

Space exploration means many things to many people, but I think the one thing we all agree on is the absolute beauty of the cosmos. If we combed the solar system to locate the most spectacular site, Enceladus could be that one encounter that redefines your thoughts on beauty.

Enceladus and Saturn Credit: Ron Miller

It was 2005 when the Cassini spacecraft first sensed something special about Enceladus. Its sensational secret would soon shine just like its surface, one of the brightest objects in the Solar System. Its fame ready to claim.

LIBRETTO from Enceladus

Enceladus frost and flame

Deep in shadow, Saturn's fame

Flowing waters subterrane'

Underneath an icy plain

To put this moon in context, Enceladus is located in the solar system where its parent planet is constantly eclipsing any chance for Enceladus' beauty to shine, purely by the sheer staggering beauty of Saturn and its breathtaking ring system.

But then along came Cassini, and slowly teased out its secret after several flybys. The magnetometer instrument first detected the mystery it was hiding and encouraged further investigations.

Enceladus must have enjoyed all that attention from scientists as Cassini uncovered its secret world.

"Could this finally be a chance for my story to shine?

It's as though Cassini were some outer-solar system paparazzi photographing THE STARS literally.

And when one thinks about the cosmetic competition in the Saturnian system, there's not a lot that could upstage the glorious aesthetics of Saturn and its rings, but to me, the spectacular display of geysers Enceladus is putting on a show right now comes pretty close.

LIBRETTO from Enceladus

Enceladus frost and flame

Orbiting in Saturn's reign

Whispers from an icy shell

Oceans deep with fiery swell

Fountains of Enceladus Credit: Ron Miller

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