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Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Thursday is T H A N K S DAY to the IAAA

🅜🅞🅞🅝 Art inspired by The International Association of Astronomical Artists

I am honored to share the details of the first phase of the IAAA 40th Anniversary/7 Moons Arts Project in conjunction with the professional recording of the Moons Symphony with the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by world-renowned Maestra Marin Alsop in May 2022

IAAA Europa MOON ART - Video #2 has been prepared with the Europa Moon art files from the IAAA artists collected for this project to date.

Click on Moon Europa to access the link for the IAAA Europa Moon Art - Video #2

A special mention to Susan Bibbs' beautiful production of the video featuring IAAA artists to celebrate the world of Moon Europa through the artists interpretations.

Members of the 200+ IAAA have been invited to take part in discussions and dialogue following my recent seven-part blog, one for each of the seven moons in THE MOONS SYMPHONY.

The blogs share the latest scientific discoveries of each of these unique worlds and discuss how this scientific data was translated into the symphonic canvas.

IAAA artists were then encouraged to submit new or existing art works that reflect the concepts and themes found in the symphony. There are already over 100 submitted art works (both legacy and new art) and there are still three months remaining for inspired art to emerge.

Caltech Presentation to the CLIPPER/JUICE mission 2018

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