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D▲Y 3 -IO

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Monday explores the merging of music and science

with 🅜🅞🅞🅝🅢

We travel to the solar system's most powerful volcano, Loki Patera, for today's moon adventure. The astonishing power of the Loki Patera produces more heat than all of Earth's volcanoes combined.

An intriguing process generates its power that no terrestrial style volcano can compare, and its fascinating process can be described as:

A massive, quiescent lava sea, shaped like a horseshoe and, over time, forms a crust. When it reaches critical thickness, it sinks into the magma, and the sea resurfaces again like a giant windshield wiper from the foundering crust. This process repeats over and over again.

A fun fact to finish — music and science align ;

At :06 seconds into the video, when the Choir introduces the Loki Patera, basses sing on a LOW KEY (Loki) just before the story begins. 🎶

Music Excerpt - 1st Movement Moon Io - exploring Loki Patera

Enjoy being transported to experience the most powerful volcano in our solar system! We'll need Spacesuits for this ride!

Happy 🅜🅞🅞🅝 Day Monday

Author Amanda Lee Falkenberg - THE MOONS SYMPHONY® 2022

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