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The LUNAR Experience

LUNAR stands as a dynamic and innovative enrichment program, tailored for students eager to venture into the captivating interplay between music, art, and science. 

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"Amidst the countless billions of worlds that adorn our night skies, each shimmering speck of light holds within it a captivating realm of possibilities. Our expansive cosmic shores offer an array of uncharted territories, inviting exploration into new realms."

- Amanda Lee Falkenberg 


LUNAR, an immersive program that unfurls science-infused tales of moons through a tapestry rich in space-themed art and music. As you delve into this odyssey, you'll encounter the brilliant minds and agencies driving these inspirational missions.

LUNAR emerges as an alluring pathway for those seeking an authentic and thoughtfully crafted experience, celebrating the convergence of art, astronomy, music and science


It's a journey that immerses participants in science-based narratives, igniting awe, wonder, and the limitless potential of imagination.


Prepare to undergo a metamorphosis — one that will captivate your senses, mesmerize your thoughts, and transport you to extraordinary realms. 


These revelations are drawn from the wealth of data gathered by international space missions, unveiling the hidden mysteries of seven moons.


LUNAR signifies an expedition to the outer reaches of the Solar System, a profound exploration into the realm of celestial satellites. 


This voyage invites you to uncover their mysteries and become a torchbearer for the next generation of space enthusiasts, seeking the treasures that lie beyond…

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“Thank you so much for creating and sharing such an inspiring work. I still get chills each time I listen. This will no doubt add multitudes of space enthusiasts to our ranks…You are truly a gem”


— Priscilla Thomas IAAA

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